First things first

This is a safe space.

Every day of the year.

All are welcomed like family, all days, always.

My core values

Celebrating individuality

Practicing inclusivity, prioritizing client comfort, encouraging creative freedom, and creating via collaboration. We're better together.


My photography business was born in my little Oakland, CA apartment in 2018.

I moved around a lot as a child and young adult, and historically had a strained relationship with the word "home" because I hadn't found that until I moved to Oakland. That was the best move I ever made - Oakland was everything I needed at that time - emotionally, spiritually, and especially creatively.

There, I found refuge to connect to my creative side after a long period of stagnation, and began exploring different creative outlets, including different photography styles.

Inspired by my renewed love for photography, and disappointed with the availability of resources for hobby photographers and baby creatives, I decided to run a low-cost production studio out of my living room. It was extremely rewarding to provide the community with a safe physical space to create! I met so many amazing people - photographers, podcasters, models, musicians - who just needed a space to do what they love.

While I no longer live in Oakland, I left a piece of my heart there, and I've brought all the memories and lessons with me on my next adventure. While I'm shocked at how far my business has come, I'm even more excited to see what's next.


  • shoot more boudoir!
  • expand offerings and portfolio for product styling
  • continue to build relationships with other business womxn in the Bay Area